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To meet growing industry challenges, banks and other financial institutions are, increasingly, turning to technology solutions to automate their business operations. However, IT operations bring in additional complexity, as well as heightened security risks, both internal and external. KANAP Systems, leveraging its considerable experience and domain expertise in the Banking and Financial sector, provides Ancillary Services to help organizations optimize their IT operations to successfully meet industry requirements of governance, risks, security and compliance.

Client Challenges

Some challenges faced by the banking and finance industry are:

  • Meeting increasing regulatory compliances related to risk management
  • Managing internal and external security threats
  • Facing governance issues
  • Handling increasing complexity of infrastructure associated with IT processes

What KANAP Systems Provides

Ancillary Services provided by KANAP Systems include:

  • Governance Framework
  • Risk Management Services
  • Information Security, Audit and Compliance Services

Business Value

Birlasoft partners its clients to provide comprehensive Ancillary Services that offer numerous business benefits such as:

  • Access to the right information at the right time
  • Increased operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved governance mechanism
  • Risk mitigation and effective compliance with regulatory requirements